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CML at its CORE

CML Security, LLC partners with a variety of entities to consult on project needs and provide expert solutions. We work with Federal, State, County, Private, and local entities, as well as contractors, architects, and engineers all across the United States. This enables us to remain a strong, united front when partnering with us.

Our clients range from architectural engineering and design firms, general contractors, equipment manufacturers, federal,
state and local municipalities, to maintenance staffs, jail/corrections administrators, and facility operators

Our Method



Our team of industry experts conduct extensive constructability reviews, working closely with our trade partners to minimize potential risks, provide cost analysis and engage in value engineering exercises to ensure that each project achieves maximum value.



Once a project is awarded, our Project Management/Operations team works hard to create the highest quality systems that meet our clients needs, delivered on time and in budget. Our team’s expertise and attention to detail ensure that clients receive the best possible outcome from their project.


Service & Maintenance

Proper servicing and maintenance is essential. That’s why we offer customizable Service & Preventative Maintenance Support plans to ensure that your facility is functioning optimally and that any potential issues are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Over 35 Years of Industry Expertise​

We provide expert, cutting-edge technology, buying power, and a team that you’ll want to work with.

Beginning as CML Specialties back in 1987, our Executive Director, Mike Langersmith founded a detention equipment installation company focused primarily on work in the Western United States.

Mike grew the company to be recognized in our industry as the #1 installer of Security Wall Panel Systems and for its trustworthiness and high quality of work. The original CML Specialties field team has been invaluable in laying a foundation for a successful business, and we are fortunate to still have many of them working with us today.

Today, CML Specialties has become CML Security. Through our owners expertise, we have diversified the company’s offerings to be able to provide not only the same high-quality Detention Equipment installation services, but also that of Security Electronics installation, Full System Service, and Preventative Maintenance.

In providing a comprehensive package of services to the Justice and Corrections market in the United States, CML Security regularly works alongside General Contractors and Architects to provide innovative solutions to construction or design issues prior to the execution of a project.

Markets and Industries We Build

CML Security serves a wide array of markets all across the United States, even in Hawaii and Alaska!

CML provides the highest quality SEC integration and DEC installation for each market we serve. From correctional facilities, to behavioral health centers and courthouses, our team of experts are dedicated to providing timely and cost-effective solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We work to provide what you need, where you need it, all while building lasting relationships with our clients.

Detention Facilities

A temporary holding space to house individuals who have been arrested and are going through processing or awaiting trial.. Often interchangeable with jails, lockups, or penitentiaries.

Correctional Complexes

Correctional facilities often referred to as jails, prisons, penitentiaries or juvenile centers. These facilities are supposed to rehabilitate inmates and change their behaviors, rather than to simply detain them. Correctional facilities are the prisons where convicted offenders serve out their sentences. The Federal Bureau of Prisons identifies six types of prisons: Minimum, Low, Medium, High, Complex & Administrative.

Juvenile Rehabilitation Centers

Incarceration centers that house minors are often called juvenile detention centers. Juvenile offenders in these facilities may be awaiting trial or already have convictions. About 53,000 young people in the United States live in juvenile detention centers.

Behavioral Health Facilities/Hospitals

Any facility that provides mental health services to persons eighteen years of age or older or substance use disorder services to persons of any age in an outpatient treatment or residential setting to ameliorate mental, emotional, behavioral or substance use disorder issues;

Public Safety Buildings

A governmentally owned and operated facility established to provide local police or fire safety services to the surrounding area.


A building containing a judicial court and often where the administrative offices of a county are held.


CML Security is committed to bringing innovative, cutting-edge technology and advancements to every aspect of every project. 

CML provides expert guidance for every proposed project idea including planning, budgeting, prequalifying procedures and
we proudly offer exceptional in-house design services.

CML Security has a specific department that aims to drive cost, schedule, constructability, and coordination efficiencies throughout the project.
Our dedicated Preconstruction Team provides key design information so you can make informed project decisions.

CML’s prioritizes the Scheduling and deployment of teams of specialized technicians, carpenters, welders, journeymen, foremen, superintendents, project managers and engineers who are specifically qualified for each aspect of every contracted job.

You can expect 100% commitment and dedication with:

+ Design Assist Partnering

+ Design-Build Expertise

+ Public-Private Partnership (PPPs) Projects 

+ Integrated Project Delivery Performance

+ Specification & Selection

    of Security Products

+ Lock / Hardware Schedule Development

    and design services

+ Project Management

+ Security Grade Fixtures / Finishes

+ Security Electronics Management

+ Security Electronics Operational Training

+ Life Cycle Maintenance of our

    Detention Equipment & Security Electronics

We Are Always Ready To Serve You

Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing system, get started with CML Security today for all of your security equipment needs.

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