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Our vision is to offer the best quality, best service, and best expertise available.
CML Security, LLC has a long history of success as an industry-leading Security Electronics integrator, Detention Equipment installer, and Service and Preventative Maintenance provider.

Additionally,CML has provided consultation on a number of projects to help Owners determine the actions necessary to facilitate highly projects.

Exceptional Workmanship | Extraordinary Service | Professional Integrity

Beginning as CML Specialties back in 1987 by Mike Langersmith, the company was primarily a detention equipment installer-focused on the western US.

Mike grew the company from the ground up to become the #1 installer of the Trussbilt Wall System and an industry-recognized name, synonymous with trust and quality.

Mike’s team was paramount to laying the foundation of a successful business, many of whom remain a part of the company today.
Today, CML Specialties has blossomed into CML Security, owned by Keith Thoene and J.J. Ramsey. Together, they have diversified the company’s offerings to be able to provide not only the same high-quality Detention Equipment installation services, but also that of Security Electronics installation, Full System Service, and Preventative Maintenance.

In providing a comprehensive package of services to the Justice and Corrections market in the United States, CML Security regularly works alongside General Contractors and Architects to provide innovative solutions to construction or design issues prior to the execution of a project.

"Our favorite time to start working on a project is before it's even designed - we wants to help the design to be more efficient and secure ahead of time to save owners time and money."

- Keith Thoene -
Owner & President, CML Security, LLC

Our Leadership

The CML Security team is just an unbelievable source of information and knowledge about everything to do with our industry. They are all fully trained and certified, and are waiting to offer professional advice and help you choose exactly what you need to get your project done. Reach out today to speak with one of our experts.

Keith Thoene

Owner & President

J.J Ramsey

Owner & Executive Vice President

Mike Langersmith

Executive Director

What People Are Saying

Our satisfied clients keep us alive and prospering. We know the importance of investing in client satisfaction and it has gotten us where we are today.

Miss Irene CEO and Co-Founder

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Éric Boucher Founder

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