CML Security started work on the Porterville Courthouse project, in Tulare County, CA. The detention equipment for this 95,000 sq. ft., multi-level facility was originally contracted to another Detention Equipment Contractor; however, they could not fulfill their project obligations. CML has stepped in to assist Sundt Construction complete the furnish and installation of all detention equipment over the next few months.

“We’re excited about this project for a couple of reasons,” said J.J. Ramsey, Vice President of Business Development. “For one, we are working with a Sundt, a premier General Contractor; and second, we have saved the team time and money by introducing a innovative solution to a installation issue that came to light when we initially visited the project site. So we’re off to a great start.”

The scope of work for CML Security includes installation of TrussWall security wall panels, and security ceiling panels; detention hardware door and frame hollow metal package; and security caulking.